AFRODITE®: Aerobic Fermentation and Revaluation of Organic matrix to Develop and Improve The Essence of soil


From the AFRODITE® process, made of 8 steps, FOMET ’s organic and organo-mineral fertilizers are obtained, which derive from the processing of manure (poultry, cattle and horse manure), collected from local farms.

The manure is collected in the form of litter, in which straw and cellulosic elements are present, digested by the enzymes of the microorganisms present in the organic matrix.

CO2 and H2O are released from the oxidation of cellulose and its components, resulting in the formation of humic molecules. This process is called aerobic fermentation of manure, or humification.

The initial treatment of manure from the AFRODITE® process is based on "continuous" processing which involves the discharge of fresh manure in an area isolated from the manure already present in the warehouse. Little by little, continuous turning operations are carried out, thanks to which the delivered loads are mixed with the material already present. In this way, the homogenization and development of the microorganisms that metabolize the matrix occurs. At the end of this phase, approximately 130 days have passed.



Subsequently, the transformed manure is subjected to a subsequent maturation period of approximately 5 months, to make it suitable for the formulation of mixtures. The controlled fermentation phase of the manure and the subsequent screening phase are followed by the mixing phase with other raw materials, to complete the formulation of the other FOMET products through the final pelleting phase.

The pelleting plant is divided into two lines, A and B, with respectively 4 and 5 pelleting machines which usually work with different compression, depending on the type of products.

Finally, the products are conveyed, through a conveyor belt, to two coolers which stabilize the temperature of the pellets. After quality control by FometL@b, which verifies the conformity of the chemical and physical parameters reported on the label, the products are packaged and transported to the customer.

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