CFPN, CENTER FOR PLANT NUTRITION, represents the research & agronomic trial hub of FOMET SPA.
It's located on the outside and adjacent to the plant, it covers a fenced area of 4.800 sq.m. and it overall consists of three related cases:


  • an iron and glass greenhouse of 620 sq.m. divided into two sections. In this regard, new raw material fertilizers, formulations to propose to new markets, confrontation between FOMET SPA products and the opposition ones, shall be tested. Everything for the usage on horticultural flower growing crops potted of different dimensions, seedlings trays. All of it is placed on pallets supported with substrates and fertigation.
  • an area of 450 sq.m. on which have been set up 6 tunnels of 55 sq.m. each, where is practised transplant of horticultural crops and, upon them, test/confrontation of various fertilizers thesis shall be carried out; in this case we work in the field under cover (tunnel).
  • an open-field area of 3.700 sq.m. where are executed tests on horticultural crops transplanted on field without covers and on parcels of extensive crops, such as autumn-winter cereals.

All this is associated with a series of thesis which results in observations of growth and morphology figures; in collection and subsequent analysis of certain quality parameters; in physical/chemical analysis in close collaboration with FOMETL@B.
CFPN is also location of tours of customers, technical communicators.
CFPN is instrument of potential open days to inform customer about progress of FOMET SPA's Research in relation to own suggestions about fertilization and nutrition of fields and crops.






Studies Fomet Spa products at CFPN