1969: the production of organic fertilizers starts in Roverchiara in the province of Verona, deriving exclusively from the powder version of humified manure,successfully utilized in agriculture, hobby industries and in the compost sector.

1972: the company moves to a new plant in S. Pietro di Morubio (VR), covering a total area of 50,000

1976: the production of organic fertilizers from pelleted manure begins.

1981: from the initial 10,000 of built area the plant subsequently increases to 13,000

1986: the plant was fitted with a system for the demolition of airs and odours, unique of its kind in Italy for this type of application.

1988: the production of organic-mineral fertilizers begins, by uniting the organic matrix from manure together with the chemical-mineral matrixes (sulphur, ferrous sulphate, magnesium sulphate, potassium sulphate and others).

1992: the built-up area of the plant is expanded from 13,000 to 20,600

1993: the production of a specific line of fertilizers begins for the semi-professional and hobby sector.

1996: the plant is enlarged. A total closed area of 30,600 is reached and with the purchase of a new building area, the total surface amounts to 80,000

1999: the production of liquid fertilizers begins in packs of Kg.1 – Kg.5 – Kg.6 – Kg.20 – Kg.80 – Kg.200 – Kg.1000.

2000: the production of granular organic-mineral fertilizers begins, in addition to pellet fertilizers.

2001: the new technical-commercial and administrative offices are built with an ample parking place for visitors and motor vehicles in general.

Foto nuova sede uffici Fomet

2002: the manufacturing division is expanded with the installation of new equipment and machinery, with a 30% increase of productive capacity.

2003: ISO 14001 certification is obtained.

2004: the production of fertilizers begins in small packs of Kg.1 – Kg.3 – Kg.5 – Kg.6 – Kg.10 – Kg.20.

2006: new packaging plant for 400-500-600-800-1,000-kg big-bags.

2007: new wastewater treatment plant.

2009: new processing method for manure in compliance with EC Regulation 1774/02.

2010: new plants: automatic tubular packaging machine and new exclusive system to protect pallets from rain and wind. The ‘bandage’ is replaced with a single ‘hood’: the nylon film is always transparent and moisture retention is avoided.

2011: plant expansion with a new warehouse of 5000 square metres used for raw materials. Installation robot for pallets (the first anthropomorphous robot used in a fertilizer industry in Italy). New laboratory for analysis products and raw materials, responsible laboratory eng. Evelin Pranovi. New meeting room for visitors and customers.

2012: installation second anthropomorphous robot for pallets. New automatic packaging machine, with bag coil, for water soluble and special fertilizers.

2014: OHSAS 18001:2007 certification is obtained.

2016: opening new commercial offices. AIAB certification is obtained. Extended packing department with new machineries and construction of department 8 made of 1,300 sq.m.

2017: opening of Center of Plant Nutrition.