Immagine maisIn some productive realities, the use of slurries follows the monoculture of corn: it may be important to equilibrate some peculiarities of soils after extended uses of above-mentioned slurries. Fomet spa rightly proposes a fertilization plan described in the file attached, viewable and downloadable. The use of those products allows to reduce negative effects of monoculture and to render the soil a suitable shape giving organic substance. Moreover, remembering the nutritional necessity of corn, Fomet spa suggests the use of a product with high level of nitrogen which is in part readily available, in part spent over time because of mineralized processes. Please view the section “Products” where datasheets of “Calciorganico”and of “Azosuper N28” are available.



Immagine maisFomet spa proposes a fertilization plan which allows to nutritional elements to be accessible during various growth phases according to the enhancement curve of the plant. The purpose of the fertilization plan are the reaching of good outputs of grain/mash/waxy depending on the destination of the culture and the suitable growth. Please view the file attached to know the fertilization plan details. Datasheets of raccomended products are available in the section “Products”. Please visit the same section on to view "Horgamin 7.21" datasheet.


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