FOMET SPA has implemented a laboratory for chemical analysis with the purpose of continuously monitoring the section of fertilizer production, succeeding to provide test results quickly. Main functions of FOMETL@B are:

  •  analysis of incoming raw material;
  •  analysis of finished products for checking its conformity, labelled accordingly to the Law;
  •  analysis regarding environmental control of the company;

 research activities designed for study and improvement of fertilizers’ actions on soil and crops:
- solubility and friability of finished products;
- compatibility of raw material in different blending types;
- durability test of indoor products, or in forced conditions;
- germination test of substrates fertilized with FOMET SPA products;
- new formulations test.



There are also analysis carried out continuously (analytical results are reported on a certificate of analysis) on at least 120 samples per month:

  • Total, ammoniacal, organic Nitrogen (N);
  • Total, water-soluble, ammonium citrate Phosphorus (P2O5);
  • Water-soluble Potassium (K2O);
  • Organic carbon (C);
  • Humidity;
  • pH;
  • Salinity/Conductivity;
  • Ashes;
  • Wetting capacity test of matrix;
  • Friability time test of finished products.

FOMET SPA is determined in continuing investment in this work, because FOMETL@B has contributed greatly to improving of supervision of incoming raw material and outgoing finished products. In 2013 it was purchased an automatic distiller Kjeldahl for the determination of different types of Nitrogen.
FOMETL@B, which was enlarged in 2015 with the purchase of analytical tools (NIRs/AAS), has initiated cooperation projects with several universities and private organizations of agronomical research, with the purpose to investigate further the action of organic fertilizers on soil-plant system.


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