Liquid fertilizers

Kick extremeDescription
KICK EXTREME® is a Biological Calcium chloride solution with a high concentration and a high purity,
suitable to improve the quality of fruit and vegetables increasing their consistency, crunchiness and shelf life.




Tanica Vigoramin FerroDescription
Liquid fertilizer obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of natural components; the production process permits to
reach high concentrations of protein fractions and free aminocids with low molecular weight, available for
plant nutrition. We recommend the application of VIGORAMIN® FERRO as a foliar fertilizer - the formulation
includes 3% of iron, which is an important microelement essential for photosynthesis processes.




Sprinter SDescription
SPRINTER-S® is a formula for foliar use through treatment bar. For wheat, corn, rice and summer crops like sunflowers
and soy.Its main effect is the contribution of nitrogenous nutrient and vegetative stimulation during the most
important phenological phases of the growing period and, thanks to the easily absorbable sulphur, the product
facilitates the increase of the unit weight and of the protein content.




Citoveg NPDescription
CITOVEG® NP with chelated micro-elements is formulated for drip-irrigation usage that improves the root development
of vegetables, rooted grafts and fruit stems, durign post-transplanting period. The matrix, that has a vegetal origin, is
biologically active and undergoes a process of controlled hydrolysis to obtain an organic liquid hydrolysate which
stimulates the development of primary and secondary roots of the plants. The NP fraction stimulates a regular growth
since the first stages of the life cycle, improves the cellular metabolism and the formation of nucleic acids and




DRAKULA® is a fluid nitrogenous organic fertilizer, obtained through the processing of animal blood (swine, bovine).
Its peculiar production allows the preservation of hemoglobin, as well as plasma. This significantly improves its
content in terms of proteins, nutrients, products of metabolism, hormones and inorganic electrolytes, allows the
administration through foliar way and a rapid and total assimilation.




IRONLEAF MN® is a product created to prevent and treat the lack of Iron and Manganese. The specific mixture, in
which the elements are correctly balanced with one another, ensures a strong and long-lasting greening action
thanks to the chelates grades DTPA and EDTA.




FLORSET® is a high concentration mixture of Boron and Molybdenum which stimulates the plant during its flowering
phase, increasing the pollen fertility and the fruit set. The presence of Ascophillum Nodosum Algae improves the
translocation of elements inside the plant stomatal system, providing an antistress and stimulating effect: the
outcome is an enhancement of the response to hostile climatic conditions, thanks to the presence of a high rate
of vegetal aminoacids.




Aminosprint Calcio MagnesioDescription
Aminosprint® Calcio Magnesio is a formula of natural origin, obtained by the hydrolysis of animal proteic parts.
It is rich in organic Nitrogen, free aminoacids and peptides with a low-medium molecular weight. Usage for the
fertigation system. Aminosprint® Calcio Magnesio is a high-level of Calcium formula; its aim is to prevent and
heal deficiencies of said element. It works as a vehicule for the absorption of water-soluble mineral products if
distributed in a mixture or at the end of their usage




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