Mineral fertilizers

Sacco Ferysol Top 31Description
Iron sulphate monohydrated based product.
Prevents and treats iron chlorosis.
Acts as a soil acidifying agent as it releases SO3.
May be used in techniques of conventional, integrated and biological agricolture.



Sacco Mag-Combi-Plus


MAG COMBI® PLUS is a new granular mineral fertilizer containing magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc, in their sulphate forms
only. If used correctly, it can also be used to treat deficiencies of the nutritional elements mentioned above.


Sacco FermagDescription
An iron sulphate based mineral fertilizer containing magnesium.
Ideal for use on all types of cultivations for introducing micro-elements and for use on soil with a pH > 7.5.
Excellent for the prevention of iron chlorosis in all professional cultivations and on green garden plants, flowers, flowerbeds and potted plants.
Suitable for use with conventional agriculture techniques and techniques with a low environmental impact.



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