FOMET SpA has manufactured and merchandized special and natural fertilizers for professional agriculture since 1973; it must be remembered, however, that the first experimental tests were started in 1969. The philosophy of processing and developing its own products has always been the application of natural methods and systems in an industrial context.

Methods which today still foresee the controlled withdrawal of organic matrixes from manure, the processing of same with a multi-month monitored dessication-concentration-humification treatment in environments completely covered and stanched, with the consequential formulation of multiple fertilizing products suitable to satisfy the most varied and difficult needs of the land.

Above approach, which is continually pursued, has offered the possibility of considering the proposal of its own fertilizers as a pure and simple contribution of nutritional units (on the other hand a fundamental aspect for a regular growth and production of crops), without neglecting a more extensive and equally fundamental point with respect to ground fertility. Over the years, therefore, the concept has been amplified and extended in the use of new organic matrixes and manure, maintaining, however, the same guarantee of authenticity.


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Indeed FOMET SpA intends to realize products which give a biological activity to the soil, together with humic components, thereby contrasting the ever-increasing productive decline of soils, their progressive destructuration, together with their growing difficulty in production.

Therefore the entire product range includes the most qualified choice between organic, organic-mineral and remedial fertilizers, for conventional, integrated and biological agriculture. Likewise, one may also choose between powder-flake, pelleted, granular and liquid products.

In particular, the optimal use of these products permits the following:

  • Gradual release of nutritional elements (N, P, K, Mg, trace elements) thereby avoiding sudden imbalances and guaranteeing a constant growth of the vegetative structure.
  • Possibility of fertilizing also during Autumn, without losing nutritional elements due to rain-wash.
  • Intervention also with respect to physical fertility of soil (due to products containing organic matrixes); above certainly has a positive effect for a better assimilation of trace elements.

Over the years, FOMET SpA has acquired a consolidated technical experience of support with respect to the use of its fertilizers; it organizes meetings for bothdiffusion and demonstration purposes, together with guided visits c/o its plants. It collaborates with various research institutes for the development of its own products. Training is carried out through schools and groups of technicians.