Root application fertilizers


Tanica CitovegDescription
CITOVEG® RADICALE is formulated to improve the revival of garden vegetables, vine shoots, fruit saplings. The
unique structure of its components stimulates the growth and vitality of the root system giving maximum nutritional
efficiency with every application.





Citoveg NPDescription
CITOVEG® NP with chelated micro-elements is formulated for drip-irrigation usage that improves the root development
of vegetables, rooted grafts and fruit stems, durign post-transplanting period. The matrix, that has a vegetal origin, is
biologically active and undergoes a process of controlled hydrolysis to obtain an organic liquid hydrolysate which
stimulates the development of primary and secondary roots of the plants. The NP fraction stimulates a regular growth
since the first stages of the life cycle, improves the cellular metabolism and the formation of nucleic acids and




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